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Marketing in the age of  digital change

We live in a time of constant and rapid change. The underlying reasons include technological advancement and the resulting new possibilities of communication. Digitization however, covers much more than just the use of new technologies. Nothing is left untouched – neither business models nor organizational structures. The same applies to corporate culture and the people who shape and live it. Communication and relationships with customers are changing decisively. But big changes also mean big opportunities.

I provide you with decisive support, so your company can utilize these opportunities – benefit from strategic advice, clever marketing ideas and a digital transformation of your customer relationships. After all:

Happy clients, better business.


Shape relationships.

Digitization is changing our lives and communication. Technology is the driver, data is the basis. To ensure your company’s success, it will become crucial to impress customers in the real as well as digital world. This can only succeed when people, their needs and emotions are the focal points. Transparent, simple and customer-oriented communication and services are the prerequisite to achieve it.

My role is to support you in shaping relationships with your customers in order to increase satisfaction and loyalty. The focus is also on the long-term earnings and growth of your company.

What I can do for you:

  • Brand Management – (Re-) branding 360º
  • Online touchpoint analysis – Customer Journey
  • Definition of the buyer personas
  • Innovative ideas for your customer relationships
  • Customer retention programs

Marketing of tomorrow.

Today´s marketing is more than just the “one-way street” of advertising and direct mailings. Thanks to social media, dialogue has become one of the most important marketing tools. Whether inbound marketing or account-based marketing for lead generation – the possibilities are endless. But even classic marketing tools are still relevant – it is all about the mix!

I provide support for breaking new ground without forgetting about the tried and tested. I provide you with creative input for your market presence or a complete marketing plan. Tailor made for your needs.

What I can do for you:

·       Consulting:  Strategic Marketing
·       Brand Management and Positioning consulting
·       Action planning for online and off-line activities
·       Marketing automation
·       Inbound marketing for lead generation
·       Account-based marketing – (Database marketing)
·       Campaign planning for lead generation
·       Global marketing – Go-to marketing strategies

Just do it!

Now down to business. Business consultants are often no longer involved in this phase. Successful implementation is of particular importance for me. I have a large network of reliable and good partners who also help with realisation.

I support you in implementing both your strategy and the planned measures in a high-quality and cost-conscious manner.

What I can do for you:

·       SEO Management (Organic positioning)
·       Project and Campaign management
·       Social media management
·       Web concepts & text
·       Workshops for your team
·       Training on the job

About me

Marketing, communications and the finance and technology industries have positively shaped the past 12 years of my professional life. abas ERP , Citigroup, Philips, Diners Club, EADA Business School were milestones along my international career path. Now I pass on my experience and expertise to companies that want to be better than the market around them. Companies that offer something special to their customers – that do not take the same old routes, but rather explore new avenues!

Besides my work as a B2B Marketing Consultant for IT and industrial companies, I gladly work as a lecturer at a private business school and university to educate and teach the new generation of marketing executives.

“There is only one way of proving what you can do: Actually doing it!”
Marie v. Ebner-Eschenbach

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I look forward to hearing from you and to working together to help pave the way to a successful future!